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see what character you can download

selectable is now riptor, spinal and cinder


juli 4 2006

happy 4th of juli:) well me and a friend are working on the
killer instinct project, but this site will be moved to another

may 6 2006

the standing and crouching are done, now time for the rest

may 5 2006

working on the Killer Instinct Project.. so far i only have
1 person who is helping me, but he counts for 2 people(yeah he is good)
look at the "project" section to see how it goes...as for my partner,look

april 24 2006

please take a look at the vote poll right here
and i THINK that im gonna start a killer instinct project
but i need more people, so if anyone would like to join
me then please write me a email at

april 4 2006

well just to let you know that i am still working on riptor:)

12 Februari 2006

site has been renewed.i decided to do riptor first and then
finish sabrewulf.

29 november

added music to every page exept for the "wall of shame"
and uhm,i am working on sabrewulf every now and then.the
beta release will be before christmas(i hope)

28 november

basics and special attacks finished.working
on the KI combo engine

24 november

sabrewulf updated,and added a new Killer Instinct stage
created by "pepethelpfan",i thank you for the permission

23 november

3 attacks are added,like the borring killer instinct engine
also i am going to add "DANGER" moves that can only be used when
Player 2 Dies.

21 november

ripping from mame s*cks,its hard.but anyway,all the basic moves are

19 november

i am from now on going to make killer instinct chars from the
Mame machine...only killer instinct one cause i kinda dont understand
the coding of KI2 on Mame.check the WIP section for it.

18 november

i am bussy trying something new.
more info will follow

17 november

cinder updated,the clns 2 is updated a bit..attacks are more

16 november

while the new votepoll is open,hardly anyone voted here,i wonder why
well anyway i am trying to rip the sprites from the arcade version...
keep in touch.

14 november

well i just want to report that i am not spending time on sabrewulf...ik looks to
me that nobody likes my work:(..please,if their is anyone out their that DOES like
my work,the way i create chars..please,let me know and look for the new votepoll

17 oktober

cinder has been updated a bit.

14 oktober

i decided to release a beta of cinder.tell me what you people think of him
in the vote poll.please do this so i can improve my makings:)

11 oktober

cinder now has a ultra move that can be used during the fight
it cost 3000 power,but is NOT a instant kill on most players
im now trying to add good sounds and fatality's,after that
i will release him as a beta.

10 oktober

added a new combo to him.it will be shown in the wip section soon
so keep checking back:):)

9 oktober

cinder beta will be released verry soon.

3 oktober

after a month of rest,i reopend the project cinder and the rest of the gang
things will move slowly,but timing is everything.
watch the new votepoll

10 september

i decided to quit making characters(again).i dont have time anymore
who knows,maybe i will continue,maybe not.this site will stay open but
their will be no more news for a while.i would like to thank the following persons:
electbyte:for making mugen
mugenfury:for his support and hosting of my spinal
mugen fighter guild:for the best mugen forum out their
kazmer:for his support on fatality's and hints
and all the other people who feld like they helped me,
well that is all for now.bye bye all,untill we meet again


23 august

finally,this site is up again.i waited so long:).well anyway i have alot of news
spinal is canceled,i will continue making him,but cinder first
cinder beta WAS released at the backup site,but it was far from compleet
so i removed it.
i have a lack of time here:D

12 august

added a new poll.and remember,when you see a Star next to a link
that means something new has added(the more stars,the quicker the news.)

10 august

things are moving slowly behind the scenes.just trying to make spinal good enough.

9 august

my interests in mugen are slowly decreasing.i dont have time for it
only when its weekend.

7 august

cinder and sabrewulf wip has gotten the "on hold" status.first i want to
finish spinal.

6 august

sometimes,i am wondering:why bother making KI chars,the suck anyway
i just cant seem to get the hang of it.if anyone has a english Tutorial
about editing a char.or how to rip sprites from U64emu.feel free to mail
me here.

5 august

added a new killer instinct stage.be sure to check it out.
duo to the lack of space i had to remove the downloads section
so no more MCM and MCM 2.0b

3 August

added 1 new sections:
hosted Killer instinct stages
be sure to download and check it out.

1 August

also Carlillos gave me permission to host glacius on my site.
the days are running by so fast,anyway alot has changed sinds yesterday
spinal updated a bit(no more MK fatalitys and D, F, b) new section.here you can tell me what you think of my creation and
what needs to be improved,you can also give me tips.

31 juli

added a new section."Hosted Killer Instinct Chars"
all the killer instinct characters are hosted
With permission of its owner.i am still trying to
find out what moves to add to cinder.he is so borring right

24 juli

Sabrewulft wip

their is a little delay in the release of cinder beta
it will be a week later. .
Sabrewulf will be made next.

23 juli

all i need to do is to make the guard moves and fall moves
after that,he is finished(beta)

22 juli

the first vote poll will be closed at juli 24
so if you want me to make your favorite KI char then vote.

21 juli

spinal updating.(new vote poll for him) cinder beta will be released soon.

19 juli

theirs NO WAY to make arcade chars,cause U64emu is
the only emulator that plays KI good but it doesn't have a
snapshot ability.i can only make a screenshot using a
program,like snagIT.but it takes to long.so back to the
snes version:):):)

18 juli

thinking of using Arcade sprites.but i cant find
the CHD file for Killer instinct,or how to let it work
if anyone knows a linke.then send me a message.

16 juli

spinal update.removed some frames and added new ones.
having trouble with the sound rippen(sound is in the background)
you can hardly hear the sound.
working on cinders special movies.including useless made up ones

14 juli

cinder wip is going great,but i am not sure who will
be next,so you people decide who the next
killer instinct character will be.in the vote poll that is

13 juli

thinking of making the KI characters.so i have
decided to continue making characters.lol.

25 April

Cinder WIP has started,5% compleet.

19 April

site updated,removed all the useless images.
added new sections

pages load alot faster now. .